Ism of Karawan (2007) Abyssus Abyssum Invocat

Dormant, in eternal sleep
Silent, doty, (withered by a tiring sunray)
I was fiddled, barred in a paincage
Entwined with amentia, I burnt the day
Depressed, I was graved with enslavement
Humble, I whispered the songs of a faded era
And roamed in the souls of non-oblivion
But in this life Madness came to visit
Its pneuma was different and still be
Here words can’t plight anyone
And we all are enslaved to this lacunar womb
Send me a tint

Taedium Vitae
Malignity, mawkishness of trust
An ecumenical disease spreads
The painter between friends is cut
A relation so plastic and typical
This wearing waste of time I can’t stand
Hunger for yesterday’s innocence
Distorted is the it of nature
We head towards the empty home

Steepens the Depths of Reality
I said I could and still can
Discern your face through the futility of things
The betrayal on your cracked smile and broken teeth
Urged you to bow to necessity of hate
Such a disfavored feeling

To chalk your memory of the pain you owe
Is such a common state of where a mind is able to be reached
And the arousal of your senses couldn’t be more pleased
Than a bruise in the due hearts

I saw your eyes bleeding dispersed anger
Come from abdominal vomits or deluded words
The slack hands quickly change to firm motion
Fresh flesh for the crestfallen

Catching a gun and heading downtown
Never given the chance to be heard
This once transparent, clear mind turned into clouds
A vague thought and a vagrant man

The Uncrowned Kings
Dying in the sick compromise, spineless thoughts
An arsenic contribution to our effort of fading out
All of our actions are grueled in sheer wrath

Snatch this moment of decay, dear one, lest we forget
Our feeble hopes lead us to the very end
Streaking the bottom lines on passion’s face
We chisel and carve all of this sad conclusion

We fix our lives and we build our lives
According to what we think is absurd not
What hermits have we become
What a a part of the mob

Receiving the empty sceptres through a chippy mood

Rein arm of divine existence, ruler of malignity, killer of ego
We are blinded by the shine of your glorious reinstatement
While you’re rumbling the threaten of the murder you owe
Of the murder you owe to our humble iciness

And we’re born again as identical twins
Digging the beds the sheets of which are painted with blood
The blood of the dreams that, as children, we hide
Learning to discern the hideousness from beauty

Cos on the father’s face, we see a hearted behavior
So the eye turns askew not for he gifts us asomnia
So asperged with the love of God
With the love of God

Besmirching the innocence
Benumbing the sense

So I open up my eye to the dawn of deaquation
Thirsty for all lost life recrements
For they tried to deceive us with a false harmony
And they tried to souse us with inert names

Squinting the Villain Society
Swerved alone for the laws of deceit seemed worthless to follow
The wraiths of the past soared through a mind so opposite to human obedience
Slated and pointed, well, nevermind

Opinions collapsed in a personal tragic crash with human behaviour
Saw nothing common to the thoughts I defend
A soul that remained intact of every promise it was sworn

Been kept far from the slime and far from deceit
Foraged the privileges of the swells emotionally
Refused the material satisfaction
For it flaws the senses and leaves sore hopes


Stimulus Head

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