Gomgoma (2011) Sick Theories [promo]

Sick Theory Perpetuity
Indexed priorities
Mistime loose dogs nuzzle up dead shells
Revolution for nothing
Tiresome conversations
Tumid mind is tuner no more
Vagueness expressed utterly
Silence is passive

Body Halving (for the Masses)
Annals of drunk bridesmen
Breakneck speed explosion oozed
Car crush blackout
Donkeys have the habit
(That’s established foolishness)
A wheel (stuck) in the head
One eye left open
Rumors spoke of marijuana
Death hunts in game preserves
No license needed

Stoke my anger
This tipsy moment deserves a grave
The worst of all among deaths
A blooded reverie shit like
You’re the cheating partisan
A nuissance and null
God wot
Am I supposed to be the stupid in this deviant story?


Stimulus Head

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