Gomgoma (2015) Medicine Apophthegms EP

Stoke my anger
This tipsy moment deserves a grave
The worst of all among deaths
A blooded reverie shit like
You’re the cheating partisan
A nuissance and null
God wot
Am I supposed to be the stupid in this deviant story?

(Invertebral cock is massive
Practising masturbation tricks
Necrosis sours need
Palm gets tighter)
Sexual perversity is pitiful
Bed plenished with vagina
Room stinks wet orgasm

(I’m the quitter in the hut toilet)
She waits for napkin
Semen got to be washed off
Mind is nourished (by faces)
Women of a lifetime

The fuck of many is sniffy
The one cunning image comes
At the cum’s (moment)
Dick’s shaken out hard
A big sticky smile tears the mouth

First love lasts forever
First love lasts forever

Body Halving (for the Masses)
Annals of drunk bridesmen
Breakneck speed explosion oozed
Car crush blackout
Donkeys have the habit
(That’s established foolishness)
A wheel (stuck) in the head
One eye left open
Rumors spoke of marijuana
Death hunts in game preserves
No license needed

Fuck on with a Strapon
Harbourer of stolen goods
Bequeath the beauty
Inconsiderate moment
Strap on your chest

Cheap make-up
This smile with (these) 32 teeth
Choose one of these names
Let your portion decide for you
Fuck on

Dogs spreading happiness audious
I fathom your ass
I laugh

Suffer the Incubus
The eyes open, smell the ash
Forgot to close that window there
The engines outside burn and crush
Had to fight that headache off

Isn’t life beautiful?
Swallow the whole Depon package, baby
As those cement cracks
Replace your morning air

Forgot to lock the door last night
Shaking fists replaced your nightmare
This life colours your day
Had to fight that headache off


Stimulus Head

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