Mixtape 29


Felt – Mexican Bandits
released in 1984; written by Lawrence Hayward & Maurice Deebank
Cocteau Twins – In the Gold Dust Rush
released in 1983; written by Elizabeth Fraser & Robin Guthrie
The Durutti Column – Messidor
released in 1981; written by Vincent Gerard Reilly
A.R. Kane – Lollita
released in 1987; written by Alex Ayuli & Rudy Tambala
Mercury Rev – Car Wash Hair (The Bee’s Chasing Me)
released in 1991; written by Jonathan Donahue, Sean Thomas Machowiak, Suzanne Thorpe, Dave Fridmann, David Baker & Jimy Chambers
Slowdive – Dagger
released in 1993; written by Neil Halstead
Kitchens of Distinction – Railwayed
released in 1991; written by Patrick Fitzgerald, Julian Swales & Dan Goodwin
Sparklehorse – Gold Day
released in 2001; written by Mark Links
The Flaming Lips – In the Morning of the Magicians
released in 2002; written by Wayne Coyne, Steven Drozd & Michael Ivins
Sigur Rós – Inní Mér Syngur Vitleysingur
released in 2008; written by Jón Þór Birgisson, Kjartan Sveinsson, Georg Hólm & Orri Páll Dýrason
Warpaint – Bees
released in 2010; written by Emily Kokal, Theresa Wayman, Jenny Lee Lindberg & Stella Mozgawa
Real Estate – Wonder Years
released in 2011; written by Alex Bleeker
Grimes – Vowels = Space and Time
released in 2012; written by Claire Boucher
Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence
released in 2014; written by Elizabeth Woolridge Grant & Daniel Heath
Chromatics – The Page
released in 2012; written by Adam Miller, Ruth Radelet & Johnny Padgett
Bear in Heaven – Autumn
released in 2014; written by Jon Philpott, Adam Wills & Jason Nazary
Julia Holter – Silhouette
released in 2015; written by Julia Shammas Holter
The Radio Dept. – This Thing Was Bound to Happen
released in 2016; written by Johan Duncasson, Martin Larsson & Daniel Tjäder

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