Mixtape 10


Bud Tutmarc – One Master
Hawaiian Sacred Steel; written by Bud Tutmarc
The Mad Lads – I Want Someone
Single, 1965; written by John Gary Williams, Julius E. Green, William brown & Robert Phillips
Emery Blades – The Rock and Roll Carpenter
S/t, 1957; written by Emery Blades
Derrell Felts – It’s a Great Big Day
S/t, 1959; written by Derrell Felts
Myron Lee – Peter Rabbit
Single, 1960; written by Myron Lee
Dwight “Whitey” Pullen – Teen Age Bug
Single, 1958; written by Dwight Pullen
Doye O’Dell – Lookin’ Poor, But Feelin’ Rich
Single; written by Doye O’Dell
Charlie Feathers – Can’t Hardly Stand It
Can’t Hardly Stand It/Everybody’s Lovin’ My Baby 7”, 1956; written by Charlie Feathers
Orella Myers – Give a Little, Take a Little
Single, 1959; written by Orella Myers
Lucky Millinder – Chew Tobacco Rag
Single, 1951; written by Lucky Millinder
Johhny Horton – Two Red Lips and Warm Red Wine
Single, 1953; written by Thomas E. Bearden
Tommy Roe – Everybody
Everybody/Sorry I’m Late, Lisa 7”, 1963; written by Thomas David Roe
Milt Trenier – Gonna Catch Me a Rat
Gonna Catch Me a Rat/St. James Infirmary 7”, 2014; written by Jessie Mae Robinson
The Recalls – Nobody’s Guy
Nobody’s Guy/Reesie 7”, 2011; written by Javier Neira, Jonathan Neira, Sergio Herfert, Mathias Voelkel & Julius Haager
Mr. Bonz One Man Band – Love My Woman
Killed by a One Man Band Compilation, 2006; written by Michael Canhoto
Johnny Burnette Trio – The Train Kept A-Rollin’
Single, 1956; written by Tiny Bradshaw & Lois Mann
Gordon Jenkins & His Orchestra – Goodbye
Released in 1935; written by Gordon Jenkins
Rufus Thomas & Carla Thomas – The Preacher and the Bear
Sixty Minute Man/The Preacher and the Bear 7”, 1970; written by Rufus Thomas
The Surf Coasters – Misirlou
Single, 2004; written by Titos Dimitriadis
Lee Andrews & the Hearts – Try the Impossible
Single, 1958; written by Lee Andrews Thompson
Hop Wilson – Life’s Journey
Blues with Friends at Goldband, 1981; written by Hop Wilson
Frankie Ford – Sea Cruise
Single, 1959; written by Huey Smith
Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup – I’m Gonna Dig Myself a Hole
Single, 1951; written by Arthur Crudup
Little “Guitar” Pickett and His Fabulous Rockin’ Fenders – The Buzzards
The Buzzard/Distant Lover 7”, 1966; written by Little Pickett
Arthur Conley – That Can’t Be My Baby
More Sweet Soul, 1969; written by Obie McClinton
Donnie Brooks – Mission Bell
Single, 1960; written by Donnie Brooks
The Webs – It’s So Hard to Break a Habit
Give In/It’s So Hard to Break a Habit 7”, 1968; written by Willie cooper & Marshall Boxley
Chuck Berry – You Never Can Tell
St. Louis to Liverpool, 1964; written by Chuck Berry
The O’ Jays – Lipstick Traces
Comin’ Through, 1965; written by Allen Toussaint

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