Mixtape 8


Ildjarn – The Ermine
Hardangervidda, 2002; written by Vidar Våen
Borgia – Le Bûcher des Vanités
Ecclesia, 2009; written by Alexandre Vignaud, Aurélien Demaison & Charles d’Ocres
Leviathan – Merging with Sword, Onto Them
Massive Conspiracy Against All Life, 2006; written by Jef Whitehead
██████ – II
Demo, 2013; unknown composer
Macabre Omen – Gods of War
Gods of War – At War, 2015; written by Alexandros Antoniou
Satyricon – Supersonic Journey
Rebel Extravaganza, 1999; written by Sigurd Wongraven
Emperor – I am the Black Wizards
In the Nightside Eclipse; 1994; written by Vegard Sverre Tveitan & Tomas Thormodsæter Haugen
Naðra – Fjallið
Eitur, 2014; written by Naðra
Revenge – By Force (the Only Option)
Infiltration.Downfall.Death, 2008; written by James Read, Pete Helmkamp & Chris Ross
The Black – Dead Seed
Alongside Death, 2008; written by Andreas Jonsson, D. Forn Bragman & Markus Pesonen
Castevet – Grey Matter
Mounds of Ash, 2010; written by Andrew Hock
Darkthrone – To the Death (Under the King)
Ravishing Grimness, 1999; written by Ted Arvid Skjellum
Ved Buens Ende – You That May Wither
Those Who Caress the Pale, 1994; written by Yusaf Parvez, Carl-Michael Eide & Hugh Stephen James Mingay

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